Why Are Strategic Bombers Always Banned In Mp Games

1 year agoNot in the least. When gamers just design gentle fighters with engine upgrades and no guns, yeah, they battle towards bombers. 2 guns, they can kill enough bombers to come out ahead when it comes to IC value. And before anyone comes out with “But gun upgrades make them lose against fighters!”, that is not true both. Give me sufficient air XP (which you should have in an MP game with a strategic bombing campaign), and I’ll design you a gentle fighter than can thrash each enemy fighters and STRs. Now, if the enemy is silly sufficient to ship STRs by themselves to bomb targets with no fighter escort, then heavy fighters can merely murder the bombers. This does not usually occur in MP, so players don’t construct that many heavy fighters, but it is always a possibility. We had one MP sport where Hungary grabbed the medium aircraft designer and constructed heavy fighters to supplement the defense of the Reich. While not a panacea, they carried out admirably when the bombers had inadequate escorts.

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