Top Of The Pops 1988

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There were electronic jamming within the skies in addition to those concentrating on radars however the Kirov achieved a ‘burn through’ along with her own electronic warfare systems and SAMs began filling the skies. The Kirov fired in direction of all of the distant threats with missiles lancing in the direction of distant aircraft with the hope of taking them down before they could launch themselves. Within minutes though these radar contacts started to disappear. There were nonetheless missile-focusing on radars lively in the sky but no aircraft: the SAMs had been chasing after ghosts. Sixteen had been fired at contacts that weren’t there. Alarms sounded once again this time with more aircraft racing in direction of the 7th Squadron from the southeast. The Kirov fired again – one other sixteen missiles had been lofted skywards in fiery blazes – earlier than Admiral Gromov could realise what was going on after those contacts disappeared. Admiral Gromov was giving himself a pounding headache whereas pondering of what to do when these air defence alarms sounded once more.

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