Rico – Retro Side Scrolling Game Short Review

If you’re living at the 90′ probably you spend your games time enjoying several 8 bit title on the gaming console. Ever since the development and improvement for game is growing , nonetheless it doesn’t make you not able to play old school video game in 8 bit graphic. A lot of platform to choose from around offer quite a few old school games and bring back our memory especially for mobile device platform. One of the title is Roco. This cool side scrolling old school game is designed by Maximilian Csuk and it’s about adventure on the mobile phone.

Just like regular side scrolling game, on this game you are going to jump, dodge and gather some coin to complete each of the level to get the high score and move on to a higher level. Jump across obstacle, investigate the cave, climb up mountain, and many some other actions comes in this game. The objective is simple , get all of the coin and proceed to a higher level.

You can find 4 difficulty level that you are able play with, if you happen to more like casual gamer, perhaps you should try the easy mode to begin with, and when you want even more challenges you’ll be able to raise your difficulty level to get some challenges. The levels set up is have Four world, every world have 32 sub level to complete with. That plenty to keep you busy bouncing around, climbing and investigate some cave with your smartphone in your hand.

Along the way, you’ll find some item to collect including jet pack and lots of other that will help you pick up crystal and finish the level. As for the obstacle, you have to avoid the mine, deadly trap, and various danger objects to keep you full of life. Additionally you can get some power up to add your lost live or even help you avoid the danger.

The graphic is not too excellent, https://www.facebook.com/ however for 8 bit games it’s enough, https://www.facebook.com/ you’ll find this game look like the game for Dos or what ever games comes in that period. This surely bring back old memory when you were child and enjoy this kind of game. The music is also so old school and feel like the 90′. If you’re lovers of arcade games and retro game you may be like this game. The control is easy, you will find display in your screen like virtual key for left, right, jump, etc.

If you would like play this game you’ll find it in App store or Google Play for Android mobile phone user.

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