Legal Prostitution In the Netherlands

Since the legalization of brothels within the Netherlands, most cities demand prostitution to be licensed. Working unlicensed in those cities is a violation of the local laws, and known as ‘illegal prostitution’. Not all unlicensed prostitution nonetheless is against the law prostitution. Some cities don’t have a licensing system, נערות ליווי thus making by default unlicensed prostitution legal as lengthy because the particular person is 18 years or older. In 2014 the Dutch government did analysis among Dutch cities what number of licensed prostitution companies there where. About 84% of the Dutch municipalities replied. In line with them there where 833 licensed prostitution businesses. Which means since the legalization there at the moment are 46% much less licensed prostitution businesses in the Netherlands. Almost all forms of licensed prostitution have declined since 2000, most notably window prostitution and sexclubs and private homes. The most important group of licensed prostitution companies are window prostitution businesses, almost a quarter of all the licensed prostitution businesses in the Netherlands.

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