John Raven Beau New Orleans Police Series By O’Neil De Noux ( ePUB)

Beau chooses his new associate, Juanita Cruz, and the 2 tackle a case involving high priced name ladies, The Mafia, a Romanian organized crime syndicate and more victims. Has NOPD situated one in every of the nice treasures of the historic world? How does Beau change into a Hero of the French Republic? One shock after another. A suspected coronary heart attack surfaces a rare poison so it’s murder. Are these Frederic Remington unique paintings on the wall? They’re immediately stolen. What’s in the old field in the antique store? Anyone heard of Titian? Master of the 16th Century Venetian School of artists, a Renaissance artist who painted the identical time as Da Vinci and Michelangelo? Could this be his final painting, Aphrodite and the Painter, נערות ליווי lost in 1576? How did it end up in New Orleans? Who is killing people to get this artwork? NOPD’s Critical Investigations Unit (CIU) was formed for this sort of case and נערות ליווי Chief Inspector נערות ליווי John Raven Beau makes use of the talents he honed as a homicide detective to sift by way of the clues.

Only Malta and Gibraltar prevent me from reaching the Mare Nostrum aim I outlined at first of this marketing campaign(excluding neutral Greece and Albania). No battle in July, and August involves me sinking 5 DD and one KE on a bombardment mission, for no losses. September has an auto-resolved raider battle where I lose a CL to his CA, while in October, נערות ליווי he cannot even muster sufficient forces for a battle in Northern Europe. I’m pretty much simply waiting for a peace negotiation right here, because this conflict is as over as it is going to get. October options strikes and protests in the UK, but he does manage to sink another of my CLs with his raider. Pretty first rate CA design, too – 13200 tons, 6×10″, 29 knots, and 4.5″ belt. Good for snapping up the previous CLs that I use for commerce protection. November features more strikes, and while there was a peace supply, I pushed for exhausting phrases and the negotiations failed. Their subs managed to torpedo one in every of my AVs, as well.

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