Do I Need More Than 1 Tumbler To Make Compost?

How is it made, you ask? This tea is made like any other tea and that is where the pantyhose comes in. Collect kitchen scraps and other garden products clippings, put them in a container and allow water and heat break the material down into a form that is highly nutritious.

There are two things you must do when you compost leaves to ensure that your leaves will compost properly. The first issue is to ensure that your leaves are shredded when adding them to your composter, compost tumbler or compost pile.

I wanted to find out more before I began, about composting. So I went to a search for a book. There are many books out there with a lot of good information. But one book really caught my eye due to the title,”Let It Rot” by Stu Campbell. How appropriate because this is exactly what happens when plant material decomposes. I read that book cover to cover. I am sure when I took it to read while awaiting an appointment, I got some odd looks from people. I enjoyed that book as much as any novel I’d ever read!

For those who have mowed your lawn and are adding a great deal of grass be sure to add some thing too. Shredded paper or card, shavings, straw or woody prunings are perfect.

There’ll be bacteria and fungi on the garden and kitchen waste you put in to the drum, but they take a while to get settled in and begin reproducing. On a traditional compost heap, germs, worms and bugs move in and start working away. Please don’t add worms to your tumbler! It’s a system which generates heat and they don’t have any means of escaping.

These piles come in all sizes and shapes and, yes, you can buy some very expensive containers, too. One of the greatest piles I ever had was in that first garden in New Jersey when all I did was ditch it and take my scraps. I turned it over each time I had a fresh load of kitchen waste and a garden that was amazing climbed .

There are many methods of composting. The three bin system is probably one of the methods to compost. The first bin holds your raw material. The compost material is held by the second bin. When it is totally composted you put it in the bin that is third. This technique is for someone with plenty of room plus surplus energy. This was not, since I have neither.